Getting the right website software


Getting the right website softwareIn order to build your website you will need website software. The website software is the interface between html coding and design layout of the website.

Getting the right website softwareWordPress is the best website software to use to create wonderful looking websites. WordPress is free and you can choose to add extra software to enhance your website. By completing Step 2 you will now have a hosting package and now you can uploaded WordPress software to your hosting server and that way you will have a website that is easy to manage and you will have total control of the software.

Please note: there are 2 types of WordPress, both are and is the software that can be uploaded to your hosting server. will only allow you to log into their hosting server to build the website and you cannot add any extra software on to enhance your website further.

Difference between and Video

Uploading WordPress software

All these hosting companies Lets HostIrish Domains and Blacknight have a control panel that allows you upload the software onto your hosting server. If you contact their support team they will give you information on how do to it.

If you require any help on website software – WordPress please call 01 2876689 or email:

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