Pick the right domain name


Pick the right domain nameWhen starting a website the best advice for anyone is to make sure you own your own domain name and hosting package. This way you control every element of the website.

I know you might be thinking this is all a bit of hard work.  There are web developers out there that will look after everything for you but if you don’t make sure you own the website you can be tied into using their service all the time and this will cost you a substantial amount of money in the long run.

If you need any help with Step 1 we can advise you without charge. We also provide  a free one hour consultation on Step 1 and 2. You can call 01 2876689 or email: info@startawebsite.ie

Domain Name

Pick the right domain name for your business as this will increase the web traffic to your website. The cost for a .ie domain name is around  €12 + vat per year.

Make sure the name you pick has the right keywords to describe your service or product, not necessarily your company name. Having keywords in the domain name describing your service will help with the search engine optimisation. Remember a domain name with .ie will do better with search engine traffic for the Irish market.

Using Google keyword tool to find the best domain name is worth considering.

Example case:Pick the right domain name

Clarinda Construction Ltd. Building contractor needed a website. The first thing we needed to do was to pick the right domain name that would best described the service and to use words in the domain name that people would use when searching the internet.

  1. We logged into Google keyword tool so we could see what words people might google to find a builder.
  2. We typed in “building contractor” then pressed  search
  3. Google keyword tool then gave us related keyword ideas. We focused on the local monthly searches (Ireland) and looked at the most popular keywords searched.
  4. We also went for words that had low competition because this would would give the builder a better chance in making the first page of that keyword search.
Here is an image of the Google keyword tool controls:
Pick the right domain name
We typed in “building contractor” and below is a list of the best keywords:
  • “building contractor” gets 1,900 hits per month
  • “builder” gets the best hits 74,000 per month and has low competition
  • “building construction” gets 22,200 hits per month and has low competition
  • “construction company” gets 5,400 hits per month and has low competition
  • “building services”  gets 4,400 hits per month and has low competition

The next step was to see if any of these domain names were available . To do this we logged into letshost.ie. Here is am image of the front page of the LetsHost website:Pick the right domain name

In the Green area where it says ”Search & book’ we pressed the “search button” and it gave us the option to Bulk domain search, so we typed in the following:

  • buildingcontractor.ie
  • builder.ie
  • buildingconstruction.ie
  • constructioncompany.ie
  • buildingservices.ie

buildingcontractor.ie, builder.ie and buildingservices,ie where already taken but buildingconstruction.ie and constructioncompany.ie were available

So Clarinda Construction Ltd decided the best Domain name for them to us is “buildingconstruction.ie” with 22,000 hits per month this was a good moved. The website is now up and running and by picking this domaine name they get better search engine traffic to their website.

Please note; It is very important to pick the words that best describe your business because Google will only rate the site if it gives relevant information on the keywords you picked.

If you need help to pick the right domain name please call: 01 2876689 or email: info@startawebsite.ie

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