Building a Website


Building a Website

Building a WebsiteWhen you upload the WordPress software from the control panel in you’re hosting account to your domain name, just make sure to take out the “/wp” out of the root directory and override any files, that way the WordPress software will be live on the front end of you’re website. When you have installed you will have a user name and password, remember to keep a note of your log in details, this is what you need to list:

  • URL :
  • Admin URL :
  • Admin Username : admin
  • Admin Password : Your password

Now when you look at the front page of the web site it should look something like this:Building a Website

To log into the dashboard and backend of the website, just type in “/wp-admin” after your URL eg. You will then see something like this:

Building a Website





Type in Admin Username : admin and Password


You have now logged into the back end of the site and the dashboard will look something like this:

Building a Website

Main Controls



Each area has it own control listed in the menu on the left.

Start building the website

On the left you will see a control setting for “Pages” and for “Posts. Start by adding a new page or edit the existing page. You can add a heading, copy, insert a picture and press the publish button on the right.

Here is link to 4 training videos that will help guide on the process.

In the main dashboard under options “Appearance” you can control other element like the header, theme options and the menu. Below is a sample layout of a page and its control settings:

Building a Website


You can upload an image from your computer but you must have the images saved to the right size i.e. the default size for the banner maybe 940 pixels wide x 188 pixels high


In order to control what pages go on the main menu and what pages can be accessed the menu setting needs to be activated. Again here is a link to our training videos one of these videos covers the menu settings.

Theme options:

It is best to start with the default theme. Later you can look at other themes without losing the work you do on the pages.

Click here to see the general layout page larger

Sliding Banner:

The feature banner is not common to all themes. If you have a theme with a feature banner in most cases the controls settings are set up in the “Posts” area. Each feature on the slider will have its own post with the image being installed as a feature image and the post will be categorised “feature slider.


This controls what you want to display on the right, left or both sides of the page. It can also be used to display content in the footer area at the end of the page.


In the Settings area and under general. This is where you can change the site title and tagline. It is also worth going into the permalinks settings and change this setting to “Post name”. By doing this you help search engine see the name or heading to each of your pages

There are 2 other areas you will need to know about “Themes”and “Plugins”. For more information on the best plugins and themes check our WordPress training website page: Themes and Plugins.

There are other areas to consider when building a website:

Design, layout, usability, analytics, getting traffic to your website, adding social media to your website and using Google products. Our day course will covers all these areas.

We provide one to one training for €50 per hour and we have a graphic and layout design service. If you need more information on building a website please email:

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